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How’s it used?:

It’s usually swallowed but some people also snort, smoke or shaft it.

What does it do?:

  • It’s a type of stimulant drug that causes loving feelings, a sense of wellbeing and connection with others

  • Heightened sex drive

  • Increased energy lasting several hours

Ecstasy may be present in your system for 6–10 hours (though duration of effects is typically actually 3–5 hours)

The down side:

  • Ecstasy is often very impure, and can instead contain amphetamines, caffeine or other drugs you may not want to take

  • The comedown from ecstasy can cause feelings of irritability or depression

  • You can experience a non fatal overdose. Symptoms can include nausea and vomiting, chest pain, tremors, increased body temperature, increased heart rate, seizures, extreme paranoia, anxiety or agitation, panic, hallucinations and excited delirium

  • In rare cases, ecstasy use has resulted in deaths

The ‘small quantity’ amount for MDMA is 0.25g.

How to reduce the harm:

  • Stay hydrated

  • Don’t use drugs alone. Have a buddy support whenever you use drugs

  • If you use any drug, it’s best to avoid having other drugs as well, especially alcohol

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