If something happens to you at Mardi Gras, we'd like to support you as much as we can.

To get help, you should get into contact with the following services:

The Inner City Legal Centre

50-52 Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross NSW 2011

Ph: (02) 9332 1966

The ICLC provides legal advice and assistance to members of the LGBTI community across NSW, and disadvantaged people living in the Sydney city area. They may be able to help you if you have been charged with an offence, wish to make a complaint about police conduct, feel discriminated against, or have another legal issue you need some advice on.

Note: There are many community legal centres across Australia. If it is difficult for you to get to the Inner City Legal Centre, you can locate your nearest community legal centre at the National Association of Community Legal Centres.

ACON’s Anti-Violence Project

414 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2010

Ph: (02) 9206 2116

The AVP supports members of the LGBTI community who have experienced homophobic, transphobic, domestic or family violence. If you have experienced violence, including violence by police officers, the AVP can talk to you about what happened, offer support, put you in touch with services, and provide you with information. The AVP can help you report to police, or support you to submit a complaint about police.

You can submit an online report here.


Ph: 1800 184 527 

Daily 5.30-10.30pm 

QLife is Australia’s first nationally-oriented counselling and referral service for people of diverse sex, genders and sexualities.

NSW Ombudsman

Level 24, 580 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Ph: (02) 9286 1000

The Ombudsman independently monitors the way the police handle complaints. If you feel that the police have not handled your complaint appropriately, you can make a complaint to the Ombudsman.

Legal Aid NSW

323 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000

Ph: (02) 9219 5000

Legal Aid provides legal services to disadvantaged people. If you have been charged with a criminal offence and will be appearing before the court, you may be able to get assistance from Legal Aid.

LawAccess NSW

1300 888 529 – from 9am-5pm

If you have been arrested and are in custody you may be able to speak immediately to a lawyer who can give you legal advice about your rights in custody, and police questioning and procedure.

ACON's Substance Support Service

414 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2010

Ph: (02) 9206 2079


Substance Support helps people in LGBTI communities to reduce the harms associated with drug use or to stop using drugs by providing a range of targeted resources and support services.