The Fair Players will be working in a sensitive environment and with people who may have been negatively affected by police interactions.  We want to make sure volunteers are as prepared as possible to help support the safety of community members at Mardi Gras parties.

We also aim to provide as much support to Fair Players as possible including briefings, debriefings, alternative roles, and comprehensive training.

Volunteer wellbeing is of critical importance in this initiative.

A one day course is provided to give FAIR PLAY volunteers the knowledge, skills and confidence to be clear of their role and make safe decisions throughout the course of their volunteer work for FAIR PLAY

 Introductory modules for all volunteers

  • Background to Fair Play

  • Program Structure

  • Legal information

  • Health information

  • Confidentiality, privacy and consent

  • People and communication skills

  • Systems of support for Fair Players

  • Role Plays

Community Contact volunteer training

  • Familiarity and competency with paperwork

  • Provide factual information to community members

  • Be aware of available support options

  • Understand the police complaints process

  • Training also includes role plays

Monitoring volunteer training

  • Operate video cameras

  • Understanding the two monitoring roles (camera operator and director)

  • Evidence gathering procedures

  • Use and storage of camera memory cards after recording an incident

  • Capture factual information (date, time, names, shift etc.)