Become a Fair Play Volunteer

The Fair Players are specially trained volunteers who are on site at the Mardi Gras Party to share legal and safety information with party-goers, monitor and document the operations of the NSW Police Force and provide support to people who have been searched or questioned by police.

To become a volunteer, please read the information and fill in the application form below.

There are two kinds of Fair Players; Community Contact volunteers and Monitoring volunteers.

Community Contact volunteers:

  • Approach party-goers at events/parties to distribute information about Fair Play

  • Offer support to party-goers after police interactions

  • Staff the Fair Play stall - taking reports of incidents from party-goers

  • Collate data/video footage

 Monitoring volunteers:

  • Film police activities and police interactions with party-goers

  • Work as a team

  • Support camera operator

  • Provide instructions to camera operator

  • Interview party-goers

  • Describe activity

  • Transfer data/footage

  • Use equipment

What we are looking for in all Fair Play volunteers:

  • A calm, patient demeanour with strong interpersonal skills

  • Respect for the initiative and the experiences of LGBTIQ communities

  • An understanding of the roles of police officers and relationships with the community

  • An understanding of the sensitivities of the project

  • An ability to take direction

  • An ability to communicate well

  • A willingness to be a witness in potential legal proceedings

Fair Play volunteers (Fair Players) will be on site at the post parade Mardi Gras Party to provide information to party-goers, monitor and document police activities and provide support to those being searched or questioned by police. These roles will suit motivated and calm persons who are happy to work within a sensitive working environment and with a dedicated and professional team. Fair Players will also be invited to help promote Fair Play at the Mardi Gras Fair Day.

Fair Play will be at the Mardi Gras Party from 8.30pm until around 1.30am. Fair Play activities will end when the police operation ends. Volunteering at the main Mardi Gras Party means you'll receive free entrance to the party.

Fair Play is an LGBTIQ community initiative focussing on legal rights and keeping safe during Mardi Gras. Fair Play reflects a commitment between LGBTIQ communities and the NSW Police Force to work together in a transparent and collaborative way. Fair Play is a partnership between the Inner City Legal Centre, ACON and the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Volunteer applications close in early February ahead of Mardi Gras.