Pot, Mary-Jane, Weed, Grass

How’s it used?:

Cannabis is a leafy plant that is dried out and usually smoked or eaten in baked goods like cookies.

What does it do?:

  • It’s a psychedelic and a depressant drug. This means it slows down your body’s functions, and gives you slight hallucinations

  • It relaxes you and changes your perceptions

  • It can make you feel hungry

The effects of cannabis may last for between 20 - 90 minutes and be detectible for up to 13 days.

The down side:

  • Can lead to paranoia and anxiety

  • Impaired memory and lethargy

  • You can become dependent on this drug if you use it often

  • People who have certain mental vulnerability can develop psychosis from using this drug

How to reduce the harm:

  • Smoking cannabis is bad for your lungs, even if you don’t mix it with tobacco. Consider eating cannabis baked in food instead.

  • Avoid using this drug if you have a family history of mental illness

The ‘small quantity’ amount for cannabis depends on the form of the drug – for hydro cannabis it is 5.0g, and for other forms of cannabis leaf it is 30.0g.

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