G, GBH, Gina

What is it?:

  • It’s a liquid called Gamma Hydroxybutyrate.

  • Several different chemicals are also sold as GHB, including GBL. GBL takes longer to work.

How’s it used?:

It’s usually drunk as a liquid, mixed into a drink to mask its nasty taste.

What does it do?:

Euphoria, loss of inhibitions, sleepiness, sexual arousal.

Effects may last for 30-60 minutes. Detection of GHB in the urine may be difficult after 24 hours due to its short half-life.

The down side:

  • It’s very easy to overdose on G. When people overdose they might sweat a lot, have fits, and lose consciousness. Overdoses can be fatal

  • Combined with alcohol, G is even more dangerous because it is also a depressant like alcohol.  This means the combination inhibits the liver's ability to metabolise the G.

  • You can become physically dependent on this drug if you use it often

  • It is very difficult to know the strength of any dose and this varies significantly.

How to reduce the harm:

  • Don’t drink alcohol or use other depressant drugs. Drinking alcohol with G greatly increases the chance of an overdose happening

  • Don’t use G by yourself, and look after your mates if they use G

  • If the drug doesn’t work in the time you estimated, don’t have another dose too soon. There are different strengths and types of this drug.

  • You may have taken GBL instead, which takes longer to work in your body

  • If someone on GHB can't be woken up or respond to you, they have overdosed. Call an ambulance on 000. Don’t think they will sleep it off, because they might stop breathing

The ‘small quantity’ amount for GHB is 10g

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