Ice, Meth, Tina, Crystal

How’s it used?:

It’s usually smoked, but can be swallowed, injected or shafted (yep, inserted up your arse)

What does it do?:

  • It’s a stimulant drug with an intense rush lasting 8 to 12 hours

  • Increases your sex drive and energy level

Crystal Meth may stay in your system for up to 4 days. A hair follicle test may detect the drug for up to 90 days.

The down side:

  • You can become dependant on this drug if you use it often

  • High doses can lead to aggressiveness, hostility or violent behaviour

How to reduce the harm:

  • Watch your health before, during and after use: eat, drink water and get some sleep

  • Prepare for safe sexual encounters

  • Always use sterile injecting equipment if you inject it

  • Consider smoking rather than injecting

The ‘small quantity’ amount for methamphetamine is 1.0g.

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