What does it do?:

  • It’s a depressant drug that can cause changes in consciousness, mood and emotion

  • Lowers your inhibitions

Alcohol is metabolized at the rate of .015 of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) every hour.  This means that it will take 10 hours for the alcohol to leave your system if you are .15 (the legal limit to drive is between 0 and .05.)

The down side:

  • Reduces your coordination

  • Vomiting and loss of consciousness, especially if large amounts are used

  • You can become dependent on this drug if you use it often

  • Responsible for significant levels of abuse and violence

  • Can cause overdose if used with GHB

  • Reduced sexual response/arousal

  • Contributes to over 3000 deaths per year and 50,000 hospitalisations. Is involved in 30% of car accidents.

How to reduce the harm:

  • Cut down intake

  • Alternate water with alcohol

  • Have at least two alcohol free days a week